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  1. DO NOT use public land or federal land for a field site to do your contact work. We suggest that you use private property, with permission, and sometimes state parks in the United States can be good locations. Just make sure you find out if you need a permit, especially for groups of more than just a few people.

  2. Except for the instructor, we are not using lasers during CSETI trainings. It is best if you minimize using them during your own field work and be very careful not to hit any aircaft or anyone in the eyes. It is best that just one person in the group be the person that uses the laser to signal.

CSETI Working Group Audio Recordings - MP3 Files
Note: All are Copyright CSETI unless otherwise noted

Coherent Thought Sequencing

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind - The CE-5 Initiative

CSETI Field Work Tones

Click here for a PDF File with a description of the tones used for field work. The track numbers correspond to the tracks on Disc 3 of the 4-CD Working Group Materials Set.

Both of the music/sound files below were created by CSETI Member Charles Balogh.

Track 1 - Synthesized Crop Circle Tones

Track 2 - CSETI Logo in 3 D

These are tones we have heard at recent CSETI trainings, which we believe are significant.

Track 3 - Orion Signal Through Radar Detector - 2007 Palm Springs Consciousness Training (web page link)

Orion Transmissions from Joshua Tree 2008. Click here to listen or download. (mp3 file) - right click and save to download.

Tracks 4 and 5 - Tones from Mt. Shasta 2005 Training (Click Here) (web page link)
Click Here for an analysis of these Mt. Shasta 2005 tones.

Track 6 - Fibonacci Sequence by DeCygne

Other Tones

Original Crop Circle Tones
click hereto download mp3 file

These are the original crop circle tones recording that we received from Colin Andrews in 1991. The synthesized tones are a cleaned up version of these orginal tones, without the electromagnetic distortions from the ET craft.

New Hampshire Beeping Tones
click here to download mp3 file

The New Hampshire tones were recorded by Lindy Tucker of the PURE group. Click here for a PDF File with background information. The CE-5 Initiative recording also mentions these tones.

NEW as of February 10, 2009 - Sound recorded by Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado in 1989. This is discussed in the article on Colin's web site, called: WHITE CROW - Encounter at Cheesefoot Head - What happened to Pat Delgado, Colin Andrews and a team of crop circle researchers at Cheesefoot Head, England, on 18 June 1989, reached the highest levels of the British government.

Click here to listen to this sound. (wav file) - right click and save to download.

Hidden Truth Meditation CD files

Contacting ET Beings and Prayer and Meditation for the Earth

Structure of the Universe

Cosmic Consciousness - Zen Meditation CD files

Track 1 - Prologue

Track 2 - Meditation

Track 3 - Mantra

Amateur Recording of Dr. Greer's Lecture about Remote Viewing
Mt. Shasta, August 2009

Mt. Shasta Remote Viewing Discussion and Instruction

Recording of Dr. Greer's Puja Ceremony at the Zen Dome at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center (some ringing of the singing bowl was added afterward)
Crestone, Colorado, June 2011

Click here to listen or download the Puja Ceremony Recording

Cosmic Tones!

Team records 'music' from stars - Scientists have recorded the sound of three stars similar to our Sun - BBC News (October 23, 2008)

Charlie Balogh looped the samples, balanced them, added some signal processing to expand the sounds, then melded them together into a mosaic of sounds cross fading in and out with each other, and created this mp3 file: StarMusic.mp3

The track is about 9:45 long. The first sound you'll hear is the Sun. It sounds just like a big singing bowl with a specific musical interval of a minor seventh. The next sounds fading in are the two distant stars that are medium pitched warbling sounds. The globular cluster is the real surprise. You'll hear what sounds like a bunch of trumpets playing specific notes, but a bit out of tune. One sounds like a trombone sliding down in pitch. Absolutely amazing. While it isn't necessarily representative of the primal tone, it's a real time example of the uniqueness of each body and its specific sound.