CSETI Working Group Training Materials - Content Description

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The CSETI working group training materials provide instructional training and guidelines for establishing a working group for doing field work based on the CSETI protocols and the CE-5 Initiative. As fewer training workshops are being given due to time constraints, the kit offers a viable alternative. It is Dr. Greer's vision that hundreds of small, independent working groups can effectively open peaceful communications with extraterrestrial life forms. These groups can adopt other practices that they feel will work for them as methods for vectoring in spacecraft and communicating with ETI. Those who participate in these ad hoc teams are strongly encouraged, but not required, to become members of CSETI. However, non-CSETI members will not receive the invitations to retreats and trainings, announcements, reports and briefings that CSETI members shall receive as part of their membership.

We believe there are many who are interested in doing field work based on CSETI's proven, effective CE-5 Initiative principles. As the world comes closer to undeniable evidence of the extraterrestrial presence, it is important to have people trained and prepared to be diplomatic liaisons capable of friendly, cogent communications not only with extraterrestrials but with the citizens of their area. We invite you to join us in this much-needed endeavor. We feel that teams of 3-8 people are the ideal size.

Within the manual is a set of mp3 audio files which include:

  1. The CE-5 Initiative, written by Dr. Steven Greer and narrated by Shari Adamiak;

  2. the anomalous beeping tones recorded within a crop circle in England, stepped down in speed incrementally, on a continuous loop, and beeping tones recorded in the area of a spacecraft landing trace in New Hampshire; and

  3. an instructional session on Coherent Thought Sequencing and a guided CTS, recorded by Dr. Steven Greer.

Over 150 pages of material include field work training guides written by Dr. Joseph Burkes and Shari Adamiak, the transcript of a training workshop done by Dr. Steven Greer, and background articles, treatises and reports of investigative projects written by Dr. Greer. The entire manual (when printed) comes packaged in a loose-leaf binder. It is also available to download. Dr. Greer's books and meditation CDs can be ordered as well.

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