1947 July 4  Roswell, NM

Roswell UFO
Testors model of one of the Roswell craft
(designed by William L. McDonald
with input from the late Ben Rich, Head
of Lockheed Skunkworks, who was
privy to the original design)

With around 50 witnesses, this seminal event is adequately covered elsewhere on the Internet and in print, and forms the basis of Colonel Phillip Corso's book "The Day after Roswell"Videotaped first-hand witness testimony is also available commercially.

Frank KaufmanFrank Kaufman, who was a base security officer at the time, and who was one of the first to visit the crash site and see the bodies, has also gone public with his story of the crash, which was reported by AP in 1997.

There is also strong support for the theory that in fact two (or more) craft piloted by different species collided, with one crashing at the Roswell site, where it skipped after an initial impact several miles away, and another landing almost intact at the Corona crash-site.  When Col. Corso was questioned by one journalist about the number of craft that crashed that night, he held up three fingers.

Jim Ragsdale witnessed the crash of a second craft at a site at the base of the Capitan Mountains, together with his girlfriend, Trudy Truelove, and examined the craft's interior and the bodies of the occupants.

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Play July 8th, 1947 radio broadcast

To see images of the crash re-created over 6 years by forsensic artist William McDonald  from witness interviews, click here.

real.gif (326 bytes)M. Sgt. Frank Kaufman, in his first filmed interview, describes tracking the Roswell craft on radar, finding the wreckage and discovering the bodies.  Also shown are his contemporaneous sketches of the craft and bodies.

real.GIF (326 bytes)Jim Ragsdale, in a video shot in hospital five days before his death in July 1995, describes how the second Roswell craft, which had collided with the first one, almost crashed on top of him and his girlfriend at a different location near Boy Scout Mountain, and how he entered the craft and inspected the ET bodies and the craft's interior.
(Complete video available from Ragsdale Productions)

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