Open Letter to PI-40*

by Steven M. Greer, M.D.

12 September 1996

Copyright © CSETI 1996

From Chapter 42 of the book "Extraterrestrial Contact - The Evidence and Implications", available for order at

* Note: PI-40 is the acronym last mentioned to me as the code for the group controlling covert operations dealing with the UFO/ET issue. It is not known if it is accurate or currently in use.

Dear PI-40,

The time has come for us to discuss directly and openly plans related to a disclosure on the existence of ET life forms.

As you know, we are working with important world leaders regarding a near-term disclosure on this matter which is intended to be factual, evidence-based and non-alarming. We have become aware of a number of your operations, both historically and currently, related to ET reconnaissance, research and reverse-engineering. Since capability on your part for disclosure has been reached, we feel it important to proceed with a dialogue with those controlling current covert operations so that an optimal and safe outcome occurs.

Certainly, you are aware of the profound and far-reaching implications of this subject, and it is our desire for this information to come out in as positive and in the least-destabilizing manner possible. Ideally, this disclosure would occur:

  • With the cooperation, whether explicitly or tacitly, of your operations

  • Without recriminations or vilification of your operations or people, provided non-interference is assured

  • Without the application of 'false or deceptive indications and warnings' related to this matter

  • While avoiding either the demonization or deification of the ET life forms

I have asked the President to provide for amnesty for your group and its personnel, provided there is cooperation and non-interference, and restraint on your part is observed. Neither the United States, nor the world, can afford a conflict over this issue.

But we are aware of certain projects of your group which we feel run counter to a safe and effective resolution of this problem. We are requesting that a 'stand-down' order be issued regarding these types of destabilizing and dangerous projects, including:

  • Tracking with intent to target, and targeting with intent to destroy, ET assets

  • Covert human-controlled 'abduction' programs and related genetic, biological and psychological disinformation projects

  • Development and implementaion of 'false and deceptive indications and warnings', which intend to stage false or hoaxed ET events of a violent nature, for the purpose of consolidation of control and other manipulative purposes

  • The continued general disinformation and denial control points in the scientific, political, academic and media communities

There are a number of areas where I feel healing and resolution are needed, especially the conflict and estrangement between:

  • Various ET groups and your entity

  • Your operations and those of the traditional military and governmental operations and leadership, as well as the public

  • The ET groups and humanity in general.

How may we help?

Personally, I am exquisitely aware of the time in which we live and the unprecedented risks and changes of the coming one to two decades. And while in the short term I know we are bound to encounter the general turbulence and chaos of a global phase transition, in my heart I am certain that the intermediate and long term future is exceedingly hopeful. I feel we must look to that far-horizon, while yet being mindful of the current exigencies.

There is a Chinese proverb: Unless we change directions, we are likely to end up where we are headed.

I feel where you are headed with this issue is currently very dangerous, and it will take vision, courage and some faith to change it. Not every power which can be acquired should be, and not all acquired power should be used. It is time for restraint and wisdom; perhaps together we can find the safest path to the next century.

Presently, we are aware of certain covert projects which, if pursured further, could result in a worst-case scenario and outcome for the entire planet. There is no point in pursuing a scorched-earth policy, or should I say an interplanetary version of the old Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) policy of the Cold War.

The misunderstandings, fears and suspicions of the past need to be suspended, for the sake of all of us. The recent targeting and destruction of ET spacecraft, while no doubt demonstrating a certain sophistication and prowess, may lead to catastrophic consequences in the future. Can we work together to find a safer and more sustainable way to deal with our differences with other life forms?

We should begin working together now, throughout the world, to establish the foundations of global and universal peace. The means for doing so are available to us; it is our responsibility to act and implement this plan.

With the establishment of universal peace, then and only then will we be able to disseminate the infrastructural and technological means of creating a high technology, sustainable civilization on this planet. A civization which will be using advanced, zero-point and related technologies for peaceful purposes, and which will no longer need to destroy this extraordinary planet on which we all depend for our survival.

Surely, we cannot establish world peace, and continue to have conflicts with our planetary neighbors. And yet without world peace, and the peaceful use of these new technologies, we lack a civilization capable of surviving yet another century.

Ultimately, then, we are in a crisis of spirit and vision, and only secondarily of outward circumstance. I would like to offer to you to help work on this issue, to come together to find a resolution to this most challenging problem.

We would like to help you in creating a dialogue with the ET peoples which would lead to resolution and peace. And to bring about a truthful and hopeful disclosure on this subject which would serve as the catalyst to the establishment of global and universal peace. And then to plan the eventual dissemination of the technological means to create a truly sustainable civilization on this planet.

I know this can be done. Yes, there will be some turbulence along the way, but it will be worth it. It will not be easy, but the rewards are so great, no effort can be too much.

I would invite you to contact me, at any time and at any place of your choosing, to pursue this further. We have many people on our team who can help us create a future civilization on Earth which can grow in peace for hundreds of years. This future is waiting for us to create it.

My roots are humble here in North Carolina; I am no saint, and lay claim to no nobility. By my father was part Cherokee, and there is a Cherokee teaching which says that all that we do should be done with consideration for seven generations to follow.

For the sake of our children, and our children's children's children, I hope we can work to establish a time of peace on Earth, and beyond.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Steven M. Greer, M.D.
Director of CSETI