Close Encounters of the 5th Kind Contact in Southern England July 1992

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An Interpretive Report
Steven M. Greer, M.D.
International Director of CSETI

This is an orally dictated narrative which reflects
data concerning this event as of November 1992


For many years we have received reports of extraordinary crop circle formations in the fields of southern England. Over the past decade these have evolved from simple circles and circular shaped arrangements to complex pictograms, often several hundred feet in length. In my discussions with Colin Andrews, who is the chief crop circle researcher in England, I increasingly became convinced that these were under intelligent design and were not of human origin. Time does not allow here to go into the full analysis of these crop circles, but suffice it to say that there is convincing evidence that these crop circles are of extramundane origin. In the detail of the crop circle formations themselves, as well as cell wall changes in the crop stalk and radio-nucleotide findings in the soil within the crop circles, we have found evidence of a technologically mediated process resulting in these extraordinarily beautiful formations.

The big question has always been: From whence did these crop circles come, who is responsible for them, and what is their purpose? In England and elsewhere, a myriad of theories abound which explain these crop circles as everything from earth consciousness herself creating shapes to warn mankind of future earth changes, to intelligent energies such as angels or fairies which are creating these shapes through interacting with our environment. However, this author has noted that over the years there have been substantial credible and close range sightings of UFOs in the area where these crop circles have been appearing. One of the longstanding hypotheses surrounding the formation of these crop circles is that they are being directed by and extraterrestrial civilization for purposes not yet fully elucidated.

It was our assessment at CSETI that these crop circles were most likely of extraterrestrial origin and, given reports from Colin Andrews and others, that there was potential for an interactive aspect to this phenomenon. A number of crop circle researchers, including Colin Andrews, have related to me episodes where there appears to be clear interaction between humans and the crop circle makers, whoever they may be. With this information at hand, the CSETI leadership discerned that it would be a worthwhile project to take a team of CSETI investigators to southern England to investigate this phenomenon and to determine, if possible, whether or not these crop circles were due to extraterrestrial intelligences interacting for some purpose with our planet. It is important to note that in this crop phenomenon we have extraordinary evidence of something clearly nonhuman and yet under intelligent control, leaving undeniable evidence in the fields of southern England and, increasingly, other countries around the world. We theorized that if these were under intelligent control by an extraterrestrial civilization, they were obviously attempting to get our attention and engage us on some level. Because of this, we felt it appropriate to devise some means of engaging this intelligence and to interact with it, if possible.

Here, a brief review of the CE-5 Initiative would be useful. The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence has as its chief research program the CE-5 Initiative, which stands for Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative. The purpose of this project is both scientific and diplomatic. That is, we have assessed that there is likely extraterrestrial involvement with the planet at this time, and that it is necessary for humans to mount a deliberate, peaceful, and global initiative to establish a sustainable relationship using both scientific and diplomatic principles with these peoples. By using a number of protocols (which are described elsewhere in the CSETI papers) the intention of the CSETI CE-5 Initiative research teams is to establish a confirmed human initiated or human cooperative contact with any and all extraterrestrial civilizations which may be involved with this planet at this point in history. This research project is admittedly visionary; however, it is also very practical. If, as evidence certainly suggests, this planet is being observed by, and interacted with, extraterrestrial peoples, then it is incumbent upon the citizens of this planet to mount and appropriate response, the chief purpose being the establishment of a peaceful, mutual and sustainable relationship between humans and these visitors.

As far as the efforts of the other nations of this planet, if they are engaged at all in research into this phenomenon, they are doing it for primarily nationalistic purposes. Since there is no United Nations or international mandate to launch a serious diplomatic initiative to these visitors, CSETI has determined that citizens of like mind and with high purpose are warranted to gathering together to do this important research. In this sense, the CE-5 Initiative is a citizen's diplomacy project which aims to empower world citizens to contact and subsequently establish a sustainable relationship with any and all extraterrestrial civilizations which may be involved with the Earth.

Certainly, in the case of the crop circle phenomenon in southern England, we have evidence of an extraordinary nonhuman involvement with the planet which has been asking for some type of response. It is our considered opinion that mere scientific measurements of the circles and passive observation of the night sky is inadequate. We have determined that we are dealing with something more than a mere natural phenomenon worthy of passive observation. Since it has been determined that not only are these crop circles under intelligent control, but have an interactive component, it is incumbent upon any researchers to determine what relationship they wish to achieve with the crop circle makers themselves. By this, I mean it is necessary for the serious researcher to determine what relationship would be appropriate and sustainable with the intelligence behind the crop circle formations. At CSETI, we have determined that the most important aspect of any such initiative is in the human motivations which are driving it. It is essential that the purpose of the project itself and its individual members be that of a genuine interest in establishing a sustainable and peaceful relationship, and not centered around any mundane or self-centered objective. In a field beset by commercialism, grandstanding, and turf battles this, of course, is no mean feat. This is a project which includes not only scientific process, but also a diplomatic initiative, and beyond that, a spiritual journey in the as yet uncharted area of interspecies communication.

It is important to note that the following report is admittedly an interpretive one. Shari Adamiak, who is coordinator of RMIT (Rapid Mobilization Investigative Team) activities, is writing a detailed event-oriented report for analysis. The purpose of this report is to record not only the significant events which occurred, but also our interpretation of them, our assessment of the situation, and to convey these conclusions which we feel are warranted at this point. It is important in any field of endeavor to state what one's assessment is, what conclusions, if any, can be drawn, and to interpret to the extent possible the events which have been experienced and see. What follows is not only an account of the events which occurred, therefore, but it is also an interpretation of those events which is intended to assist us in formulating a comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon.

Before beginning the body of this report, I would like to thank Colin Andrews, who is head of Circle Phenomenon Research, for his assistance in organizing this research effort, for his support, and for his vision. Without his skilled assistance, I am quite certain that this project could not have been realized. In addition, I would like to thank Polly and Tim Carson who graciously allowed us the use of their 1800-acre farm at Alton Barnes for this very important research initiative. They were gracious, loving, and they are extremely special individuals who I believe are at the right place at the right time.

Additionally, I would like to thank the other members of the research team: Shari Adamiak, Ron Russell, Maria Ward, Peter Russell of London, and others who were able to withstand the rigors of this research project, which as you will see, involves staying out until 3 or 4 in the morning, night after night, over the period of 10 days. I would like to acknowledge here publicly the dedication and sincerity of all those who took part in this effort. The reader should note that this project required a tremendous amount of effort on the part of all participants. Keep in mind that all those who participate have full time jobs, have families and other obligations, and that they paid for their expenses for this trip out of their own funds. It is truly moving to see the level of dedication which a number of people have found in pursuing this important project.


After some discussion, we determined that July 20th through 30th should be the dates for this initial research project for CSETI in the southern England area. A team of CSETI working group members which included myself, Shari Adamiak, Ron Russell, a Ph.D. psychologist from Cincinnati, and others arrived between the 21st and 23rd. As a strange footnote, I arrived into London's Gatwick airport amid a thunderstorm and rather gloomy skies. After renting a car and driving towards Marlborough, the weather cleared as soon as I entered the southern England area of Wiltshire County. It is interesting to note that just as I was landing an old church several hundred years of age was struck by lightning, as was Woodborough Hill, with 3 bolts of lightning striking the top of the hill simultaneously. Except for one night, and that is the night of July 26th and early morning of the 27th, we enjoyed fine and clear weather every day that the research project continued. This, I learned, was in stark contrast to several weeks of rainy weather which resulted in a number of crop circle researchers getting stuck in muddy fields and going through other harrowing experiences related to the weather. We, indeed, felt fortunate as a team to be blessed for such a long duration, particularly since our research requires us to be out in the elements essentially from dusk till the wee hours of the morning, usually until 3 or 4 a.m.

I do not believe that any of us could have foreseen the magnitude of the events which were to follow. In the coming 9 days we were to witness events which, without a doubt, rank as some of the most extraordinary, multiply witnessed close encounters in the history of this phenomenon. Within these few days, our team was to successfully achieve contact with extraterrestrial intelligence on at least 3 major occasions, and as you will learn, probably on several other occasions. Certainly, I believe it can be stated without exaggeration, that the lives of everyone involved were changed forever by what they saw, what they felt, and what they collectively experienced.

Our research location was on Woodborough Hill at the farm of Polly and Tim Carson in Alton Barnes, in the county of Wiltshire in southern England. It should be noted that no one besides Colin Andrews and myself knew the precise location of this research site. However, the first night we arrived, there were at least 30 people who were not a member of the team who appeared at the site. This obviously created some logistical problems which took some creativity in resolving. To use a term favored be Dr. J. Allen Hynek, it did not take long for "high strangeness" to greet us in southern England. The first night we arrived on Woodborough Hill, there were people literally coming up through the fields, through the woods, and from all directions. They were converging on that spot as if expecting something. Therefore, on the night of July 21st there were a number of people that had not been briefed on the project. For this reason, we endeavored to give a brief account for the purpose of describing the project and the processes which were to be used.

One of the initial high strangeness events happened during this briefing. As I was discussing the CSETI protocols and the purpose of the research project, a number of unusual events transpired. I had brought to the site a radar detector (as is used in detecting radar for automobiles in the United States) which was hooked up to a portable battery. I was holding this radar detector while discussing the equipment we were using and the overall research project. Each time that I would get to akey point in the discussion - that is, at each point when a significant aspect of the project was being emphasized - the radar detector would spontaneously go off. At least 40 people present that night saw this occur 3 separate times. People speculated that there was some sort of monitoring activity going on which signaled each time that the radar detector went off

To this date, we have not been able to explain how or why the beeping detector was activated. And, at no other time during that evening or subsequent evenings, did this occur.

The Progression of Contact

On July 22, 1992, the research team assembled at approximately 9:30 p.m. During the coherent thought sequencing process, a metallic noise was heard by a number of people on the western side of Woodborough Hill: It appeared to be emanating from behind the group. Later investigation showed that those present in the group had not seen anything associated with this sound. It is interesting that on this night we tried to reach consensus on a shape to project to the crop circle makers. The intention of this was to arrive at a shape which would be held by the group collectively, which could be painted in the sky with a high-powered light, and which could be received by the crop circle makers and result in a confirmed authentic crop formation of the same shape. This, of course, would be a crop circle CE-5. The group discussed several different shapes. It was finally decided upon to utilize a triangular shaped structure. After a number of configurations, it was finally agreed upon that we would make a triangle which consisted of 3 circles joined by 3 pathways which would make an equilateral triangle

It is interesting to note that in addition to this process, a large number of people on top of Woodborough Hill were able to see a scintillating ball of light in a field below our location over in the direction of Milk Hill. It was rather faint, and as darkness was growing, it was difficult to get an exact location of this object. The way that this object scintillated and moved was very reminiscent of the strange disk shaped object which was video taped in broad daylight, both in 1990 and 1991 in the crop circle field areas. It is also interesting to note as a minor event, that at 1:45 a.m. a brilliant ball of orange amber colored light appeared on the southeastern horizon in the wee hours of July 23, 1992. The light traveled upwards from the horizon to remain stationary for about 3 to 4 minutes. There was no sound evident, no smoke trail, or any evidence of any conventional activity. As the light began to disappear, a white darting object was then seen moving rapidly along the edge of a cloud. An explanation for these events has not been reached.

On July 23, 1992 a number of extraordinary events occurred which are worthy of note. As a prelude to the night's activity, Maria Ward and Edward Sherwood were present earlier in the day near the Towsmead Copse, which is located directly below Woodborough Hill at Alton Barnes, when they heard a trilling sound, very much like what has been heard in the area of crop circles over the past several years. The research team gathered later at about 9:15 pm on Woodborough Hill and began the coherent thought sequencing process. It is interesting to note that Maria Ward and Edward Sherwood arrived late and did not join the group immediately, but stayed in an area on top of Woodborough Hill separate from the group. Over the next few minutes an extraordinary event occurred which, while lacking objective clarification, may be very significant. Both Maria Ward and Steven Greer experienced a "mental override" which was conveyed as a specific shape over southern England. (An override during coherent thought sequencing is when an image which appears not to be self generated, i.e. "imaginary", persists in the mind, and which appears to have some objective reality). Maria Ward again was sitting separately form the main group, and independently both of us experienced this override. It consisted of the following: An image of a milky colored mushroom-shaped dome over that part of southern England which was an energy field or and energy grid, which somehow was related to the formation of these crop circles. Significantly, I described this to the group separately from Maria Ward. Then, moments later, she came and said that she had the most extraordinary mental override, and she too described it as a large opal, milky colored dome over that part of southern England. The exact meaning of this synchronously received image is yet to be determined, but it is certainly worth noting.

A significant event occurred at approximately 12:45 a.m., when a large amber, orange colored ball of light, which was spinning, appeared on the northwestern horizon. It was significantly larger than any object we had seen up to that point, and it remained there for approximately 5 minutes. One of the individuals working with Colin Andrews, Greg Pressley, was able to video tape this object. Some individuals nearby, who had night scope binoculars, saw a military helicopter approach this object. At that point, this object moved away rapidly to the north and dimmed as it did so, and then it was gone.

Almost simultaneously, a red object appeared traveling above the northern edge of Woodborough Hill, and this object was noted to split into 2 parts before disappearing. This object displayed no aircraft lights and made absolutely no sound. People on top of Woodborough Hill also saw a white object that moved rapidly form the northwest towards the zenith of the sky. It was described as a silver white object, and I personally saw this as it approached Woodborough Hill at some altitude. This object was seen immediately after the bright amber orange colored object vanished. These objects which were observed that night were definitely not aircraft, nor were they known natural phenomenon such as meteorite or lightning activity. At approximately 3:00 a.m., we concluded the night's research session.

During the day, the research team investigated reports of new crop circles which had appeared, and gathered for debriefing meetings and to plan the next night's activities. On Friday, July 24th, we decided to undertake an expedition through the fields surrounding Milk Hill and Alton Barnes to personally investigate all of the known confirmed authentic crop circles. There were several beautiful crop circles and elaborate formations near Milk Hill, which we investigated and personally entered. We were struck by the beauty, the symmetry, and the subjectively felt energy within each of these crop circles. The crop circles themselves are of extraordinary design, and there is a gentleness and peace which cannot be objectively measured. The individual whet stalks themselves are not broken, but are gently curved from the base in a way that cannot be done by mechanical forces.

Interestingly, I took one of these wheat stalks to preserve and carry back to America, and it was perfectly curved, having no broken places in it whatsoever. However, the force of simply holding it and walking to the next field resulted in it breaking in 3 places, even though I was being particularly careful not to damage the stalk. This was an impromptu experiment which I found personally significant, since it showed that these stalks were very fragile and easily broken under even light mechanical forces, and yet these huge crop circles were able to be formed with the stems of these stalks o wheat only slightly curved and with no broken places in them whatsoever. To me, this is one of the most significant findings which establish that the authentic crop circles are of extramundane origin, and are not formed by crude mechanical forces.

We took time to do coherent thought sequencing and remote viewing inside the center of several of these circles. Both Shari Adamiak and myself independently sensed that the mechanism of action for forming these crop circles was not mechanical, but that they were pulled down in some fashion. We sensed that there was a short-lived augmentation of the gravitational field over the area where the crop circle was to appear, and that it was an interaction between the electromagnetic spectrum and the gravitational field which resulted in the formation of the crop circles. Again, this is only a theory, but it agrees with much of the known evidence, and it was remotely viewed independently by 2 people while in a crop circle. Certainly there is evidence of rapid heating and electromagnetic energy affecting the cell wall of the crops. In addition, we know that there are radio-nucleotide changes in the area of the crop circle which is not present in the soil samples outside of the crop circles. There does appear to be, therefore, some rapidly applied electromagnetic energy which, given what we know about the UFO propulsion systems involving gravitational fields, could result in the type of mechanism which we jointly visualized. By being in the crop circles, you can sense that there was not a mechanical force that pushed the stalks down, but that there was an energy field which altered the nature of the stalks themselves.

By the night of Friday, July 24, 1992, the research team had decided that it would be necessary for us to move from the top of Woodborough Hill into a field directly below Woodborough Hill, where there were 2 significant crop circle formations. One of these was a large ring. The other was a large circle, and they were adjacent to each other, separated only by a few yards. It is worth noting here, from a logistics point of view, that the research team had multiple people intrude who had not been trained and who were not prearranged members of the team. Obviously, this is disruptive and erosive to any group cohesion and to the overall flow of research activity. It is also interesting to note here that word of the research effort had spread throughout the area, and that there were multiple attempts by intruders to enter the farm of Polly and Tim Carson for the purpose of infiltrating the research team. On more than one occasion, men who were in the employ of the farm's owners were required to circumambulate the farm for security purposes. On one occasion, local police were called to remove a number of intruders who had gotten very close to our research site. Beyond this, there was the usual collection of tabloid reporters and others who, while not understanding the mission, wanted to be part of the process. Moreover, because of the use of the high-powered lights, a number of people in the area had detected our activity and had determined that they should somehow infiltrate the research group. For this reason and others, we decided to move off of the top of Woodborough Hill and to a more protected site below the summit. There were a number of observers, however, who did remain on top of Woodborough Hill.

After gathering in the crop circles themselves to conduct our research efforts, we noted that collectively we were seeing multiple, strobe like bright white and yellow flashes of light in various directions surrounding our location. These appeared as bright strobe lights as would be emitted by a camera discharging a flash bulb. Then, at 10:25 p.m., an event which is of great significance occurred. While we were looking into the zenith of the sky, slightly towards the south and east, there came across the sky a structured spinning spacecraft. You could clearly see, in the dimming blue light of the sky, a spinning structure, with blue-green, red, and white lights, that were spinning around its periphery. This object traversed 20 to 30 degrees of arc in the sky, and lasted for only about 5 to 10 seconds. As it moved cross the sky, it was also spinning in a counter clockwise rotation.

Please note that this was no distant light in the sky. It was a structured craft with individual lights which were clearly discernible. It was at this point that I was convinced that we had a "lock on" with a structured spacecraft of non-terrestrial origin. I believe that it is the same craft which later visited us on the night of July 26th and the wee hours of the 27th. I must emphasize here that the sighting of this craft was clear and unobstructed. The individual lights could be determined as well as the metallic structure of the craft itself. It moved very rapidly across the zenith of the sky, well in excess of the speed of any known human aircraft. Beyond this, it should be noted that this craft was completely silent as it passed overhead. As an interesting side note to the night of the 24th, I should mention that Ron Russell's cameras would not operate for the time he was in the crop circles. All of us present observed the malfunction of not one, but both, of his cameras, which to this date has not been explained. It is important to note that they worked fine the next day.

Then at 12:05 a.m., on the night of the 24th of July (actually, the wee hours of July 25th) the entire group witnessed 3 separate balls of light moving over the Towsmead Copse. They moved rapidly and were an orange-amber color. There was no sound heard by those who were located in the crop formation. However, Edward Sherwood, who had walked over to that area a few minutes prior to this, did experience a metallic ringing noise as he neared the edge of the Copse. He did not, however, see the anomalous lights. He also reported that his right eye experienced a significant amount of irritation for the next 24 hours, and the next day we noted that his eye was red and inflamed. In addition, his eyelid appeared somewhat swollen. Exactly what these lights were and what the energy form was that resulted in the metallic ringing sound has yet to be determined. None of our instruments, including the trifield meter or the radar detector, picked up any specific energies.

These events were preceded around 11:20 p.m. by the appearance of an object, amber in color, that was spinning. It emitted a red and bluish color. This was preceded by several lights that flashed through the sky in rapid succession. These were the luminosity of a bright star or planet. At 11:25 p.m., a UFO came over, visible for at least 5 minutes. It had a strobe on top, though it was most definitely not an airplane as seen through binoculars. There was no sound coming from the object. As soon as the group said, "Let's signal to it" it became illuminated and emitted a much brighter gold and amber light with the strobes still flashing on top of it. Again, no sound was heard, but it made an arc around the field we were in, and it headed off towards the south.

Over the course of the evening, we were to see 4 UFOs which were all moving towards a specific direction, that is, they appeared to be converging from 4 different directions towards one location. One originated in the zenith, one originated in the west, one originated in the north, and another in the northeast, and all converged towards the southeast. We noted that the next day a new significant agriglyph was found in that direction on the other side of the Salisbury Plain at Pepperbox Mill. This may be a coincidence, but we note it here for possible correlations.

Then, on the morning of July 256h or 26th, a farmer at Roundplay, near Devizes, found in his field a crop circle of profound importance. We did not learn of the presence of this crop formation until the morning of the 27th. However, Ralph Noyes, a prominent crop circle researcher in England, states this was most likely formed the night of the 23rd, 24th, or 25th of July. When we asked Ralph Noyes what the shape of this new formation was, he showed me a drawing he had made in his logbook where he was keeping a very careful account of all crop circles. I was astonished, as was Shari Adamiak and others who were with me, to see that he had drawn precisely the shape which we had been visualizing and conveying to the crop circle makers. It is not possible to convey the emotion which all of us felt at that moment. Without a doubt there had appeared a crop circle (felt to be authentic by the Argost team, which had entered it prior to our knowing of its existence) which exactly corresponded to the shape which we had been projecting, both with the high-powered lights and through coherent thought sequencing. Since no one outside of our research group knew of the shape which we were projecting, the likelihood that this could be a hoax is thought to be nil. Nor is it likely that this was a mere coincidence, although the debunkers could always point that out as a possibility. It is our assessment that this was a specific crop circle formed in collaboration between the research team and the crop circle "makers". This was not just 3 circles in a triangle. They were in an equilateral triangle, and they were connected precisely by the bands which we had visualized. Moreover, they had appeared near our research site.

On the morning of the 27th, Shari Adamiak and myself, as well as others, went up to the top of Oliver's Castle and looked down upon the plain below us and saw this astonishing crop circle. It is not an exaggeration to say that is was as if it had been lifted from our minds and placed in the field in absolutely perfect order. We feel that the significance of this can hardly be overstated: That a group of humans endeavoring to contact the intelligence responsible for the crop circles should be able to project a specific, and heretofore unknown shape, and that within a few miles of the location of their research, a crop formation of precisel that form should appear, indicates that we have reached a significant point of contact. It raises the question of what might be achieved through concerted efforts between properly motivated human research teams and those responsible for the crop circles.

We feel that this crop circle CE-5 experiment clearly establishes: (1) That the crop circles are under intelligent control, and (2) that they can be interacted with by a team of humans. If this amount of dialogue can occur, what other form of communication is possible? What does this indicate to us about the crop circle makers' willingness to communicate and cooperate with humans? These and other questions arise from this extraordinary event.

If there was any question in our minds that these crop circles were the result of extraterrestrial peoples interacting with our planet, those doubts were greatly reduced by what followed. On the night of July 25th 1992, the group again gathered in the crop circles below Woodborough Hill. Once again, a brightly lit amber orange colored object was observed at about 11:00 p.m., moving from north to south. Once again, no sounds were heard from this object. At 1:10 a.m., in the wee hours of July 26th, while walking in a circle with high-powered lights pointing straight up into a cloud bank, we noted that from above the clouds a bright light was shining down from the sky into the cloud bank, mimicking our light formation. There was no question that this light was shining down from the sky onto the top surface of the cloudbank, and that it was mimicking our light work. Because of the cloud cover which had moved in at this time, we could not see any specific UFO, however, the beam of light shining from the sky down into the clouds was striking and could not be explained. It is also interesting to note that on Saturday, July 25th, the group's activities were interrupted by intruders into the research area. There were unknown individuals who had placed themselves on Adam's Grave, Milk Hill, Nap Hill, and Goldenball Hill. They had acquired their own high-powered lights, and were flashing them down onto our group trying to detect our location. In addition, it should be noted that our colleagues on top of Woodborough Hill were harassed by 4 individuals with cameras. These individuals took photographs of the people stationed on Woodborough Hill against their will. At this point, the 4 men who had forcibly taken pictures on top of Woodborough Hill came toward the CSETI group, which was located in the crop circle formation at the base of Woodborough Hill. Our colleagues then warned the CSETI group that we were being approached, and at that point the night's activities were curtailed.

The Near-Landing of a Spacecraft

The night of July 26th, and the wee hours of July 27th, proved to be of profound importance. It is on this date that the CSETI research team had a confirmed, close range lock-on with a structured spacecraft, which came toward us in a near landing. The significance of this night's activities can hardly be overstated. Remember that this multiply-witnessed event that was human-initiated and which in included, as you will learn, a near landing of a structured extraterrestrial spacecraft at close range.

Before recounting the event, however, we should review the circumstances leading up to that experience. On Sunday, July 26th, I had been asked to address a crop circle conference in Glastonbury, England. While there, I met a gentleman named Roy Dutton, who had devised a system for predicting the appearance of UFOs, given various locations and time frames. Apparently, this gentleman had analyzed reports for over 30 years, and had been able to come up with a periodicity which he had tested to be accurate. We informed him about our research project, and he gave us information relating to the following days’ appearances in that part of England, stating that there would be significant opportunity for sightings around 10:30 p.m., and then again at 12:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. We made note of this, and thought that it would be interesting to see if any actual correlations arose.

After returning from Glastonbury, we had a brief dinner and then gathered around 10:00 p.m. at the research site in Alton Barnes. There were gathering clouds at that time, although it was not raining. Then, at 10:25 p.m. on July 26th, 2 UFOs appeared in the east. They moved slightly towards us and were completely silent. There were no normal aircraft lights noted on these objects. At one point, they rose above a cloudbank and moved towards the group. While originating out of the east, they silently moved towards the south. It is felt that they were on the order of 2 to 4 miles away at this point. (It is interesting that 10:30 p.m. was the time frame that Roy Dutton had mentioned as an opportunity for a sighting.) Present during the sighting was, again, Edward Sherwood, Maria Ward, Chris Mansel, Shari Adamiak, Marcia Morris, and others.

What follows next admittedly sounds like something out of a science fiction movie; however, it was observed by everyone present and we will recount it in order as the events unfolded. From our location in the crop circle, we began to see multiple areas of strobe-like lights that appeared in all directions. At around 11:00 p.m., in the clouds directly above us, there were noted to be brilliant lights spinning in a cartwheel-type fashion, anti-clockwise from above the clouds. This moved over directly above the CSETI group, and then stopped, remaining there for approximately 10 minutes before ceasing its activity. Then looking towards the northeast, we saw that the sky was getting considerably darker, and at that point 4 elliptical shapes detached themselves from the western edge of the cloud line and traveled rapidly eastward into the edge of those clouds. These objects appeared to move in a circular motion as if joined together around a cartwheel. It is important to note that several people in the group felt electrostatic effects on the skin during this part of the event. I must say that the impression of the object above the clouds, which was spinning with lights in a cartwheel fashion onto the upper surface of the clouds, appeared to be rather large. We had an Englishman arrive on site, whose name is not known to me, who did confirm that these same lights were also seen from the direction of Lockeridge. He confirmed that there was no light coming from the ridges or below, and that this cartwheel formation of lights in the clouds was originating from above the clouds. These events, which of course were preceded by the sighting of the 4 UFOs mentioned earlier, were felt to be very significant.

At this point it suddenly began to rain, first gently, and then a tremendous downpour. This period of rain immediately followed the cart wheeling effect in the sky and the gathering of very dark clouds from the north. The group then decided to break because of the rather hard downpour. Our cameras and other equipment were getting drenched, and visibility was reduced to only a few feet. Here I must mention something which can only be related again as a consciousness override. While we were gathering to leave, I personally felt compelled to proceed to an area on the concrete farm road located on the Carson farm where there was a small turnout. I had this overriding vision of our remaining at that site pending some further event that evening. From a logical point of view, we should have disbanded and taken the opportunity for a normal night’s sleep! (By now you have gathered that we had been up many nights in a row until t here, sometimes 4 o’clock in the morning, and many of those with us took this as an opportunity to leave and get to an early rest.) However, 4 of us insisted on staying, and we proceeded to the concrete farm road, only a few hundred yards from our present location.

At the same time that we were preparing to move from our location in the crop circle field (which was increasingly becoming mired in mud and water) Colin Andrews and others were leaving the top of Woodborough Hill. Apparently, as Colin Andres was pulling away from the barn area where the cars had been parked, members standing outside of his car heard the strange trilling sound which has been recorded several times in the crop circle area. In addition, Don and Peggy Tuersley, walking down from the top of Woodborough Hill, noticed 2 lights which were shining in the field alongside where they were walking. These progressed through the field and then repeated after a few moments in the same sequence. (These events were not observed by the CSETI team because we were on the opposite side of Woodborough Hill preparing to depart from the now muddy crop circle.) Four of us remained on the concrete farm road waiting for further events. We were located in 2 automobiles with 2 persons in each. Significantly, at this point, it was around midnight and the people who had been attempting to infiltrate the CSETI group were fortuitously flushed off of Adam’s Grave, Milk Hill, and the other areas, by the downpour. This may have been a helpful coincidence, or a planned effect by the visitors. At any rate, in addition to these individuals being removed from the area due to inclement weather, we also had the misfortune of having our video camera doused by rain, and therefore rendered inoperable. (I will comment on these events later.)

After sitting in the cars waiting for the rain to subside for some time, I was startled when suddenly Chris Mansel in the car behind me jumped out and started beating on my window. I rolled the window down, and he exclaimed that there was a spaceship coming right through the field only a few hundred feet from our location! At this point, all of us were astonished to observe a large, disk-shaped craft with brilliant lights rotating counterclockwise along its base. The object rose to a high dome or cone on which sat 3 other amber lights on the top of this structure. The entire object was no more than 30 feet above the ground, and it was only 400 yards from our location at the edge of the very field where we were standing! You could see the metallic structure between the rotating lights at the base of the spacecraft and the 3 or 4 amber colored lights at the top of the cone. Again, I must emphasize that this was a close sighting of a structured spacecraft. At one point, we could hear a humming sound which we believed was coming from the object, but this could not be definitely determined. While our video camera was rendered inoperable, luckily we were able to make real time recordings on the micro-cassette r ecorder, which we kept with us continuously during our research trip. The lights, which were at the base of this spacecraft, were blue-green, red, amber, and white. Note that the shape of this spacecraft, its movement, as well as the counterclockwise rotation of the lights, are identical to the spacecraft which was seen on Friday the 24th, which you will remember passed directly overhead in the zenith of the sky. It is my personal assessment that this was the same spacecraft.

When we first saw this spacecraft, it was at the edge of the wheat field. It then moved through the field behind some trees where we could see it clearly scintillating through the branches of the trees as it moved toward the north. The spacecraft initially appeared in the southwest, although as you will note in a moment, our compass readings at the time of the event were not accurate. The size of the spacecraft, which was 400 yards away, was approximately one and a half inches at arm’s length. This gives us an estimated size of 80 to 150 feet in diameter, and I believe that this spacecraft was 100+ feet in diameter. The lights, which were rotating counterclockwise around its base, were contiguous. The blue, white, greenish and red-amber colored lights seemed to blend into each other in an unusual fashion. I have never seen light like this from a terrestrial origin. These were brilliant, obviously technologically associated lights attached to a structured metallic spacecraft. The craft continued to move toward the north, and then emerged in a notch in the trees and hovered. At this point, it seemed to flip or turn upward, so that either another side of the spacecraft or the underside of the spacecraft was seen. At this point, it looked exactly like a Christmas tree lit up. Here, it is worth quoting from the live tape recording:

“We are observing a close range spacecraft that is conical shaped. Lord, it looks like a Christmas tree lit up! Chris mentions a Christmas tree lit up - exactly! Mother of Mary Christ, look! Now it’s rotated a bit. It is conical and looks just like a Christmas tree. It is floating down through the trees at this time. Do you hear humming? Yes. When it first approached you could see the lower part. It looked disk shaped. It was rotating, and the lights were going back and forth. This thing is big, quite large, that came across here!”

Now, at this point, an amber colored probe detaches from the upper right hand side of the spacecraft and goes off into the mist. Later, we were to learn that Busty Taylor and others gathered on a nearby hilltop, who had remained during this part of the event but whose location was unknown to us, did see an amber colored light moving off from that direction. I must also convey that all members of the group felt an electrical charge, a tingling, and in my case, I felt it from my toes all the way to the top of my head. We noticed that the magnetic compass (which was a Swedish compass purchased only a month beforehand and which had a lifetime guarantee) would not work properly. Each time that we checked the compass, magnetic north had altered its location. At one point, we were checking the compass with a flashlight every 2 minutes, and each time we checked it, the needle rotated part way around the dial, counterclockwise. Note that the lights moving on the spaceship were also rotating counterclockwise around its base. At this point, we took the high-powered lights from the car and began to signal the spaceship. We signaled to it, 2 bright flashes and pause, and then it flashed back to us in the same sequence. This sequence was repeated again with a similar response from the spaceship. On the tape, you can hear gasps from the people present as the object begins pulsing, flashing back to us in the same sequence. Importantly, had we remained in the previous location (in the crop circle field) we would not have been in a position to have seen this event.

Immediately after this CE-5, which took place over a 10 to 15 minute period, a couple came driving down the farm road, who had remained up on Woodborough Hill. Their presence there was unknown to us during the course of the near-landing event. One was named Judy Young, and the other, Peter Davenport, both from England. Just as I had felt compelled to remain on the concrete farm road, they also felt compelled to remain on top of Woodborough Hill, sensing that something significant might happen. From their vantage point on Woodborough Hill, they were able to see off in the direction opposite from our location. It was there that they were able to see a huge shaft of light illuminating the field where we had been prior to the rainstorm. We were fascinated to hear that they were able to see the light going down in to the crop circle area where the CSETI team just had been conducting its research. There is no explanation for their sighting, but we feel that it probably preceded the near landing, and is therefore highly significant.

Then, at approximately 1:30 a.m., another UFO was seen in the southwest. This was a large amber colored object further away than the spacecraft which had come through the field. It was estimated to be 1 to 2 miles away. It appeared and then wobbled as it hovered. We then took our high-powered lights and signaled to it, 2 flashes. It then returned the signaling back, 2 flashes. It moved in our direction slowly and then disappeared below a tree line in the distance. Once again, it is interesting to note that these sightings occurred at approximately 12:30 and 1:30 a.m., which were the windows of opportunity noted by Roy Dutton in his mathematical prediction formula. Also, the compass continued to rotate counterclockwise for several minutes after the second spacecraft was seen at 1:30 a.m.

Interesting corroborating evidence for this sighting, in addition to what was seen by Busty Taylor on a nearby hill, and by Judy Young and Peter Davenport on top of Woodborough Hill, comes from Maria Ward. Maria had separated from the group to take someone home who was not feeling well. As she returned to the farm, she parked the car down by the manor house so that she would not run over the grates (cattle grids) and awaken the people in the farmhouse. She then began to walk towards our location. At that point, she noticed it was 12:30 a.m., she saw a large, dense, conical shape in the distance, with part of it hidden by a tree line. She could see continuous lights revolving around the base of the object that were blue, white and reddish colored. As it cleared the tree line, she could then see 3 orange lights above the rotating band of lights. Note that this corresponds precisely with our sighting which was closer to the spaceship. Again, Maria Ward described these lights at the base moving counterclockwise. Shortly after this she saw a beam of light being directed at the object itself. Presumably this is the beam which we were shining from our location on the concrete farm road. At this point, she noticed that the spacecraft flashed for a moment back towards the originating light. She noted the object looked almost triangular with the point facing upwards. Again, note that this correlates very well with our observation of it having the appearance of a Christmas tree. It is also interesting to note that Maria Ward felt a tingling sensation along her back and on her head. At this point, she also noted that an object broke away from the spacecraft that was orange in color, and moved away in a northerly direction. Once again, this corresponds accurately with what we observed from our location. She gave an estimate of length of 75 feet to 100 feet, and no more than 40 feet above the ground. And again, she noted that it was silent, except for a slight buzzing sound, which seemed to be coming from the south of her position.

We have full reports from 4 people who were present during this event. These include on-site transcripts and drawings. It is significant that this was a multiply witnessed event of a near landing of a structured spacecraft at close range. It was no further than 400 yards from our location and approximately 30 feet above the ground. There was a clear interactive component to this event, with light signaling observed by at least 5 people. These 5 people included the 4 people at the primary site, as well as Maria Ward, who was approaching the site from the manor house located on the farm. The significance of this event can hardly be overstated. This event constitutes a close range, close encounter of the 5th kind, with a clear interactive component. It appears that the CSETI team was successful in vectoring in a spaceship to its location, and then engaged it in signaling. It is my considered opinion that had the team been adequately prepared for it there would have been a full landing, and in all likelihood, an onboard experience.

It is fair to mention here that I feel the rate-limiting aspect of this project, which is attempting to establish a mutual and sustainable relationship between humans and extraterrestrial peoples, is the readiness of the research team itself. It is clear to all involved with this project, that there is al crescendo of events which has been occurring over the last year and a half, and which we feel certain will culminate in a confirmed landing and probable onboard experience by a CSETI boarding party. It is my opinion that to the extent that we are able to prepare ourselves for this level of close encounter of the 5th kind, to that extent, it can occur. Nevertheless, this experience, in and of itself, stands as a watershed event in the history of human initiated close encounters. For not only were we able to vector this spacecraft in to our location, but it was able to come so incredibly close to our group.

In addition, there has been much discussion surrounding the circumstances of this event. For example it is noted that this spacecraft came under cover of darkness and at the end of a rainstorm. This rain permitted the event to unfold under darkness of night and in private. Had it occurred on a night when it was clear and bright, it doubtlessly would have been observed and interfered with by multiple intruders. This also brings up the question of obtaining photographic evidence. Is it any coincidence, for example, that the camcorder became wet and was unable to be utilized? Why were others who had been present during the previous night’s research not present who would have had still-photographic equipment to record the event? Was our inability to obtain photographic evidence: (1) a coincidence, (2) a necessary result of being able to clear the area of unwanted and disruptive influences such as those that had infiltrated the site on the previous night, or (3) an intentional event indicating that they did not wish to be photographed at close range? It should be noted that the video camera which we had in our possession was a Canon L1 Pro with an extensor lens and a telephoto lens, which would have given us approximately 60 X magnification. Certainly, at only 400 yards, this camera would have recorded extraordinary detail of the spacecraft.

To be honest, at this point, I have not reached any conclusion as to the meaning of these events, except to say that I am quite certain that it is no coincidence. That this spacecraft chose to come on an evening when others would have been out of the area, under the cover of darkness, and after a rainstorm, I believe to be deliberately planned. The same spacecraft was seen rotating across the sky on the night of the 24th, when it was crystal clear, and yet it made no further close approach. It should be noted that there were many people on Adam’s Grave and on other nearby hillsides that would certainly have seen a large spacecraft of that sort coming so close to our group on the 24th. I also do not think it is a coincidence that I personally received an override to go and stay on the concrete road, and to remain there for some time. This decision was against all logic, and it is interesting that the people who were on top of Woodborough Hill had a similar compelling drive to remain there for another hour or so. All of this might be considered to be in the category of “high strangeness” , and it is crucial that we consider these aspects of the phenomenon.


The nights of July 27, 28, and 29 continued to have significant aerial phenomenon. None, however, were so close and so certain as the near landing that occurred in the wee hours of July 27th. The following day, on the 27th, Colin Andrews disclosed to us that several people had heard the trilling sound similar to what had been recorded by the BBC and at White Crow at about 12:20 a.m. This would have been only 5 minutes prior to the near landing in the field. The next day, we met a woman named Una Daywood, who stated that at East Kennet, in England, last year, a spacecraft apparently identical of very similar to what was seen in the wee hours on the 27th, was reported.


Based on the experiences of July 20th through 30th, we have formulated the assessment that the crop circles are constructed by and extraterrestrial civilization, and are technologically related. The unequivocal sighting of a large structured spacecraft in the vicinity of the crop circles in the wee hours of July 27th, the collaborative formation of a specific crop circle shape which appeared near Roundplay, England, and the multiple UFO sightings which occurred over this period of 9 nights, all speak to the extraterrestrial origins of this phenomenon. Of equal significance is the fact that there is clear evidence that humans can interact with the phenomenon, and if carefully planned initiatives can be carried out, that significant progress in an open relationship between extraterrestrial people and humans can be obtained. As the world progresses towards a global civilization and an organic unity, the potential for a sustained and open relationship between humans and extraterrestrial visitors will increase. It is our assessment that the extraterrestrial peoples responsible for the crop circle phenomenon are increasingly ready to enter into a period of relative openness. It is our responsibility, as humans, to similarly prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually for the next step in our relationship with these visitors. As the old order of the world all around us is collapsing, and as a new order, however embryonic, is evolving, we stand at a point in history of great potentiality. These potentialities include, but are not limited to, the integration of human civilization into an interplanetary civilization; the development of means of communication and travel which will dwarf current human capabilities; and the exploration of a unity in consciousness which transcends both the relative differences amongst ourselves and between various planetary species.

It is imperative that those who wish to join in this visionary and yet practical endeavor continue to prepare themselves and their colleagues to further potential contact. Given a correct setting and an adequately motivated and trained group, it is our assessment that the possibility for a landing and onboard encounter is very high. While the precise timing of this is not known, we can discern that it is a relatively near, as opposed to distant, event. It should be pointed out that CSETI’s goals of establishing working groups of individuals capable of significant close encounters of the 5th kind has reached its 10-year goal point in one and a half years. At this rate of progress, we can only imagine what events the next 5 years will bring us.

Of equal importance is the question of how this information will be communicated to our fellow humans. How can this best be conveyed so that a positive outcome will be assured? In a world that is increasingly fractious, xenophobic and paranoid, we must be certain to convey information which is truthful, motivated by clear intentions, peaceful and life supporting. Nor should we be dismayed by the nay sayers, the pessimists, and the cynics, who would have us believe that what has already been achieved is impossible. For, I can recall a time only 2 years ago, when a prominent UFO expert stated that what we were attempting to do would be nearly impossible, and that we would need millions of dollars and thousands of people to achieve it. And yet with vision and perseverance, we can create a new reality, a reality which includes the empowerment of humans to enter into a sustainable relationship with other planetary intelligent life forms.

In addition to these considerations, the events of July 20th through 30th in England underscore the importance of previous CE-5s, including those which occurred in Gulf Breeze, Wyoming, Colorado, North Caroline, Belgium, and elsewhere. There are those who would have us believe that all of the preceding events just mentioned are coincidence. However, from these events we can discern a pattern of increasing contact between CE-5 Initiative Working Groups and those extraterrestrial visitors who are involved with a project concerning the Earth. In addition to this, we note with some fascination and promise, that individual working group members have been having increasing numbers of sightings of structured craft at close range, and in some cases in broad daylight. This includes, of course, the sighting in Wichita Falls, Texas, on April 24, 1992, by Ron Russell, which resulted in a very good photograph at close range of a structured spacecraft, and goes on to include a working group member in California who was able to see a clearly structured spacecraft pass over the ridge near her home outside of Los Angeles. The meaning of this, it is my opinion, relates to an attempt on the part of the extraterrestrial people to let us know that, given the right opportunity and adequately trained people, that they are ready to approach more boldly and with greater certainty than ever before. Certainly, as the world passes through this transformative period in its history, the likelihood of such high level close encounters of the 5th kind will steadily increase.

Of greatest importance at this time is the evolution of cohesive unified teams which are competent to fully participate in a high level Close Encounter of the 5th Kind, to include a landing and an onboard (and possibly off-planet) experience. The preparation required for so extraordinary an endeavor involves not only the evolution of the appreciation of non-local mind and universal consciousness, but it also involves the development of those skills, communication abilities, and psychological readiness so that the event can unfold in a smooth and productive fashion. To this end, CSETI is increasingly dedicated to sponsoring extensive training sessions lasting days, and in the future, hopefully weeks, so that people will be adequately prepared.

Let us go forward, then, with a clear vision and with determined hearts into the great future which awaits us. While I believe these efforts will bring results in the immediate future, we must also appreciate that we are laying the foundation for a future interplanetary unity. The hallmarks of this foundation are: The realization of the oneness of intelligent life in the universe through the direct experience of non-local or unbounded mind; the maintenance of ideals which are centered around non-hostility, peaceful intentions, and mutually of benefit in the relationship, and the renunciation of unilateral aggressive or exploitive motives. At present, we are at once preparing ourselves, and also, I believe, being prepared by these extraterrestrial visitors for future events, the ramifications of which can already be partly discerned. Central to our success is the realization that the process that we use transcends any ultimate goals - that if we pay attention to process, if we pay attention to the integrity of the moment, the future will unfold in such a way that nothing on the Earth or in the heavens can defeat it.

Steven M. Greer, M.D.
International Director of CSETI


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