UFO/ETI Disinformation: Implications for National Security and International Security Policy Makers


15 NOVEMBER 1994

Abstract: In advance of a confirmed announcement concerning the detection of extraterrestrial life forms, it is important for national and international security policy makers to be aware of the risks to the decision-making process created by certain types of sophisticated disinformation and covert interventions. These include, but are not limited to: induction of psychoelectronic experiences, mass psychological conditioning with false information, targeting of certain key leaders with individualized disinformation, and the staging of a false yet convincing extraterrestrial threat. Awareness of this by key policy makers would help minimize the risk of unfortunate events resulting from policy decisions influenced unduly by this type of disinformation.

Background: CSETI Project Starlight efforts directed towards the public confirmation of the detection of extraterrestrial life forms (see Briefing Document Draft) has resulted in our discovering a number of covert activities which may jeopardize decision making within the national and international security communities. Since some of these decision making processes may be adversely affected well in advance of a public announcement on this subject, we feel morally bound to issue this briefing to advise policy makers of certain risks. Failure by certain key policy makers (especially the White House, the National Security Council, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the U.N. Security Council) to compensate adequately for these risks could result in the adoption of policies and actions harmful to world security and to the future of interplanetary relations. This briefing is designed to provide information regarding specific disinformation processes and their related risks to national and international security.

Overview: Disinformation is false information which is deliberately provided to groups or individuals for the purpose of obfuscating an issue, and/or effecting a specific psychological response (such as denial, disbelief, fear, ridicule etc). Covert attempts designed to minimize accurate knowledge of UFOs/ETs have used disinformation and psychological warfare techniques for over 40 years, and these techniques and related technologies have become increasingly sophisticated and effective, especially since the 1960s. The most effective disinformation is information which is related to a truth, at least in part, but which is then embellished and deliberately distorted by combining disinformation with the information. The presence of a minimal but adequate degree of truth enables the false information to be more readily accepted, or for the intended psychological response to occur.

Disinformation may be divided into two broad categories; Passive Disinformation, which is false information placed into individual or public awareness via conventional communication means; and Active Disinformation, which involve false experiences which are induced and which result in a very sophisticated manipulation of individual and group perspectives and experiences.

Passive Disinformation Examples: Denial of UFO reports; providing false data concerning UFO events; engaging certain scientists or authorities to ridicule the subject matter and its proponents; false, misleading or slanderous information about UFO researchers and organizations; providing information to the public which induces fear, denial, skepticism or repulsion, etc.

Active Disinformation Examples: Hoaxing of certain events to entrap or embarrass researchers or organizations; use of active psychoelectronic devices to induce false but very convincing experiences which are designed to control individual and public attitudes towards ETI (abductions); use of technologies to simulate a false extraterrestrial hostile action to affect both policy makers and the general public.

Early covert operations relied primarily on passive disinformation. However as more evidence of ETI activity made its way into the public domain and awareness, in the 1960s or ‘70s, active disinformation began to play a more dominant role. Most of the active disinformation currently in use is designed to:

  1. Create a scenario which induces fear or rejection of the phenomenon.

  2. Bury real UFO/ETI activity under a mountain of superficially similar yet qualitatively different false events, especially so-called abductions and ‘cattle mutilations’.

  3. Influence public perception and governmental policy makers to conclude (falsely) that there is an “extraterrestrial threat” which we must fight.

Active disinformation has become more effective as increasingly sophisticated technologies have been developed and perfected in the U.S. and former USSR.

Covert special operations, funded by ‘black budget’ and private sources have effectively dominated and polluted the data base in two popular areas:

  1. Abductions - Alleged abductions of humans by UFOs have been reported since the l960’s. We doubt that ‘abductions’ as they are currently understood are actually occurring, but that a very small number of people have been taken on board ET craft for reasons not yet fully known. However, no evidence exists to suggest that such events are harmful or of a hostile nature. Unfortunately, like a true gold nugget hidden under a mountain of fools gold, the real on board cases have been buried beneath a large volume of human induced pseudo-abduction events, designed to hide the real events under the cover of false ones, and to affect negatively public perception and credibility of the phenomenon. These events are being induced by advanced psychoelectronic technologies which can remotely target an individual or more than one person and create a convincing but false ET experience.

The existence of psychoelectronic and other technologies has been confirmed to us by certain military, intelligence and high technology sources who contract with government agencies. These Psychoelectronic devices are much more advanced and operational than most would imagine, and have gone through several generations of evolution and improvement (See The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction by Martin Cannon, and enclosed bibliography).

Policy makers must not be deceived by these reports, nor should policy making be influenced in any way by them. Since the database is hopelessly contaminated by these falsely induced events, it cannot be relied on as a source of reliable information for policy formulation. We have learned that a number of researchers in this area have similarly concluded that most (80-90% or more) of abduction accounts are disinformation, or misidentification of other unusual phenomena.

  1. Cattle ‘mutilations’: Alleged cattle experiments by ET craft (misnamed ‘mutilations’ for disinformation purposes) have been reported since the 1960s. The primary scientists and researchers in this area have confirmed to us that at least 80% of these cases are actually decoy cases created by covert operations and have nothing to do with UFO/ETI activity. Our assessment is that the real cases are understandable environmental and genetic research related to radiation and chemical pollution and their effect on advanced mammalian systems. We would seriously doubt a sinister or hostile motive behind these relatively rare actual occurrences, and feel that the false decoy cases are designed to create disinformation, to conceal the actual cases and to create an atmosphere of fear around the subject. Policy makers should not be adversely influenced by these reports, or deceived by them in any way.

Policy makers need to be aware of the potential for advanced technological active disinformation, both as it affects databases and as it could potentially be targeted towards policy makers themselves. We would caution against undue fear in this regard, but do feel that senior policy makers should be aware of the potential for this type of disinformation and how it could be directed at them, which include both active and passive targeting.

Simulated ET Events: We have also learned that technologies exist to support the simulation of false hostile ET events, designed specifically to influence policy makers in a time of crisis, or to ‘spin’ any announcement and disclosure process in the direction of uniting the world against a ‘common alien threat’. Military and civilian policy makers must not be deceived by such events, since the stakes are enormous, and decisions based on such pseudo-UFO events would likely result in negative actions which would be unwarranted. The vast and profound implications of our future relations with extraterrestrial civilizations must not be influenced by this type of disinformation, since it would be designed to place the earth on a path of inter-planetary conflict and would subvert the potential for future peaceful and beneficial relations.

In summary, a number of advanced disinformation modalities exist which policy makers need to take into consideration as they evaluate data or receive briefings from traditionally covert sources. CSETI and its affiliated scientists and researchers are committed to obtaining reliable data by way of direct, real time observation of and interaction with the ETI phenomenon. We feel that empirical research of this type (see Briefing Document Draft) is more useful, accurate and reliable than other secondary means which are prone to disinformation contamination.

Should you wish to make further inquiries into the CSETI research findings or assessment, please feel free to contact the Director of CSETI, Steven M. Greer M.D. at [phone number]. We are available to you to provide a confidential on-site briefing regarding this subject if this is desired.


Copyright 1994 Steven M. Greer M.D


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