Operational Readiness and the Unidentified Flying Object/ Extraterrestrial Intelligence Subject: Why Military and National Security Leaders Have a Need To Know

by Steven M. Greer, M.D. © 1998


Key military and national security leaders have been inadequately informed on the UFO/ETI subject due to its management under Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs). This lack of information has resulted in substantial national security risks. The risk of inadequate and/or dangerous actions by uninformed or misinformed leaders is greatly increased by the lack of in-depth briefings and discussions on this subject. Key areas of operational readiness are thus placed “at risk” by these leaders being dangerously uninformed or misinformed on such matters as the following:

  • Use of Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs) in false indications and warnings (I&W) scenarios.
  • The unexpected appearance and disappearance of extraterrestrial vehicles with super-luminal speed (faster than light) capabilities.
  • Unanticipated extraterrestrial concern over deployment of space-based military and other assets.
  • Senior military leaders and senior national security leaders, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Security Council, Senior Watch Officers in the National Military Command Center, key Congressional leaders, the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Central Intelligence, among others, clearly have a need-to-know regarding the issues above.

Background and Introduction:

Since 1990, CSETI (The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) a non-profit research organization based in the United States, has been conducting original research into the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI). In 1991, an initial Comprehensive Assessment was completed and since that time CSETI has been investigating the subject through real-time field expeditions throughout the world and through the identification of scientific evidence and information sources with direct knowledge of the subject. Sources for our information and subsequent assessments include:

  • Direct, real-time observation of UFOs/Extraterrestrial Objects via field research teams deployed throughout the world.
  • Collection of retrospective evidence with thousands of case reports, including military and civilian pilot encounters, military and civilian radar contact with these objects, landing trace cases, photographic and videotape evidence and thousands of pages of declassified government documents.
  • Extensive interviews with several dozen scientists, military and civilian witnesses in intelligence and other programs and civilian research witnesses who have been involved in covert programs. These witnesses have had direct, personal knowledge of UFO/ETI events and covert programs, including the retrieval and reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial spacecraft and the covert applications of technological breakthroughs resulting from possession of these spacecraft.

The above sources and research have resulted in a number of assessments regarding the subject in general and national security implications in particular. These are provided as separate attachments to this document.

Overview of UFO-Related USAPs:

While tight compartmentalization of intelligence and programs is often needed to maintain security of sensitive operations, excessive classification and compartmentalization poses a threat to national security and military readiness and is contrary to Presidential directives. In the case of the UFO/ETI subject, extreme secrecy and multiple levels of special compartmentalization has existed since the1940s. This extreme secrecy, together with the special nature of the technologies involved, has resulted in a potentially dangerous situation with respect to lack of oversight of actions not in the national interest, significant degradation in military readiness to deal with events related to ETI/UFO and total lack of Congressional oversight.

The nature of the covert entity/USAP which currently manages the UFO matter is described in the attached paper “Unacknowledged”. Briefly, this unusual USAP has the following characteristics:

  • Global in scope
  • Multiple levels of sub-compartmentalization
  • Primarily based in the civilian, privatized contracting/work-for-others sectors
  • Runs parallel to and generally separate from conventional government, military and intelligence programs, including other sensitive USAPs/black projects
  • Exists as a hybrid entity which draws from high technology corporations and compartmentalized, government, intelligence and military operations, but which in effect functions as an independent, separate entity
  • Apparently, is controlled by no single branch of conventional government, military Service or agency

In general, access to this project is by project-controlled inclusion and access has little to do with the individual’s position in government, military rank or position in the traditional (constitutional) chain of command. After nearly 60 years of studying advanced extraterrestrial technologies from retrieved ET devices, the group which controls this USAP possesses substantial technologies which may present a threat to conventional military assets and to world security in general. Funding for these operations is derived both from the so-called “black budget” and from “creative”, non-governmental sources. Maintenance of secrecy/control over this project has been at all costs and has consistently violated legal, constitutional oversight and checks and balances and the rights of U.S. citizens.

Discussions with a sitting Director of Central Intelligence, senior White House staff, senior members of Congress serving on key, relevant committees, senior military staff in the US and UK, among others, has shown that access to projects related to UFOs / ETI is not related to position or constitutional law. Five star Admiral and former UK Minister of Defense, Lord Hill-Norton has confirmed that a similar arrangement exists in the United Kingdom. Directed inquiry by such officials has not resulted in disclosure, even when the request originated from the office of the President of the United States.

Why Key Military and National Security Leadership Need to Know :

There are several inter-related aspects of the UFO/ETI issue which necessitate key military, intelligence and national security leaders knowing about this matter. Failure by such leaders to be adequately informed has resulted in a situation wherein important decisions and actions may be made which could result in extremely undesirable outcomes. The capabilities of the UFO/ETI USAP allow for widespread deception of chain-of-command leadership and for surprise scenarios which could be catastrophically misinterpreted. Moreover, while there is no objective evidence that the non-human life forms behind the genuine extraterrestrial events are at all hostile towards the Earth or humanity in general, events could be - and more importantly we understand have been - negatively misinterpreted, leading to unwarranted human military actions against such ET assets. Such actions constitute a genuine world security threat about which conventional military and civilian leadership is unaware. In order to avoid the potential for future human military actions which could lead to a dangerous escalation of events, it is imperative that military and national security leadership be adequately informed on this subject.

Below is a brief summary of scenarios and activities which illustrate why such leaders have an immediate need to know on this matter:

  • Misidentification of UFO/Extraterrestrial assets. Since there are both genuine extraterrestrial and look-alike human engineered ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) assets, the risk for confusion and misidentification is real. Such confusion could result in actions which could then lead to unintended results. (See also False Indications and Warnings below.)
  • Surprise by extraterrestrial object. In the past, senior military commanders have been surprised by the sudden appearance of extraterrestrial objects and have taken hostile actions towards them. For example, in October of 1981, such an object appeared off of the eastern seaboard, triggering pandemonium in the U.S. Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT) Command Center. This object, estimated 300 feet in diameter and disc shaped, was able to rapidly move, in one radar sweep from an area off the coast of Newfoundland to off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia. During this daylight event, the U.S. Atlantic Fleet Command Center went to Condition Zebra alert (“Stripes”) and orders were given by NORAD to the CINC, ADM Harry Train, to identify this object and even force it down if necessary. Fighters were scrambled from land and sea-based forces and , while one fighter got close enough to clearly photograph the object, it moved in the span of one radar sweep from off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia to an area in the Atlantic Ocean near the Canary Islands, turned upward at a 60 degree angle, and left the Earth’s atmosphere. This situation, which resulted in surprise to the CINC, chaos on the Command Center Floor, and orders to force down the object (which could have had catastrophic consequences) could have been avoided with concept and scenario briefings to top military leaders and the development of clear “Special Rules of Engagement” (ROEs) for these unique situations.
  • Misinterpretation of Extraterrestrial Actions. It is our assessment that more that one extraterrestrial civilization is involved in reconnaissance of the Earth and in surveillance of global military developments. In the past, extraterrestrial concern over weapons of mass destruction has led to technological demonstrations at certain strategic sites, such as SAC ICBM facilities at Minot, ND in November of 1975, which had its strategic launch capabilities inerted. Similar neutralization, we understand, occurred in the USSR. While such an event would understandably generate human military concern, it is important for such events to be interpreted in a broader context which is non-anthropocentric. While one view may hold that this action demonstrated extraterrestrial hostility, it is more likely that, given the event’s non-violent nature, that it was intended to be a message of great concern over such globally destructive weapon systems. Unless leadership is adequately briefed on this subject, the potential for a catastrophic misinterpretation of extraterrestrial actions and intentions exists.
  • Extraterrestrial concern over space-based military assets. It is our understanding that the extraterrestrial view of human military assets being placed in space is very unfavorable and that in the recent past certain events have taken place which underscore this ET viewpoint. U.S. Space Command and other military entities dealing with space or which interface with and depend upon space-based assets need to be aware of this concern. It appears that ET concern is based on the increasing militarization of space, combined with a continued high level of human warfare and violence and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. There is also reason to believe that covert USAP programs are targeting ET assets with increasing frequency and efficacy (see below).

Multiple credible first-hand military and intelligence program witnesses have described covert USAP utilization of advanced weapons systems to track, target and destroy extraterrestrial spacecraft. Such events have apparently increased in frequency and accuracy since the 1980s. If true, this constitutes a grave national and world security crisis about which key leaders have an urgent need to know. In light of the testimony which we have heard, simple denials that such events are not occurring or are somehow justified are not sufficient grounds to dismiss these reports or take a hands-off approach. Key military and national security leaders need to fully investigate this matter and produce a full assessment of the situation for the National Command Authorities (NCA), the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), and key congressional leadership.

Multiple, military and civilian witnesses involved in covert programs dealing with this subject and having first-hand personal knowledge have corroborated reports of UFO/ETI related USAPs’ intent to utilize reverse-engineered ET based technologies to stage (hoax) ET events of a violent nature. The existence of a very powerful covert USAP which possesses extraordinarily advanced technologies capable of materialization/dematerialization, faster-than-light travel, antigravity propulsion and related systems is in itself a direct threat to conventional and constitutional military and national security leadership and control. Such an entity, unless fully under direct, legal and constitutional chain of command oversight, and control, has great potential for abuse, deception and manipulation of traditional governmental leadership. For example, an important intelligence witness has described the planned use of ARVs in a false indications and warnings scenario in which the ARVs would attack conventional military assets to make it appear that we were being attacked by hostile extraterrestrial life forms. If military and national security leaders do not know of such covert human capabilities, they could be deceived by such a scenario and could then issue orders for unwarranted and potentially catastrophic counter-measures against genuine ET assets.

Sub-electromagnetic, non-linear communications systems of extraterrestrial origin which interface directly with consciousness and thought have been reverse-engineered by covert USAPs and can be used against civilian and military leadership in False I and W scenarios. Information directly from a foreign head of state suggests that this has already occurred. Such non-linear telemetry systems, which bypass linear time/space and interface directly with mind and thought can be modified to induce hoaxed but very real experiences in target subjects. Senior military and civilian national security leaders need to know about the potential of these systems, thus minimizing the deceptive value of such systems should they be directed against them. (Alleged “Alien Abduction” experiences are largely the result of the misuse of these systems by covert USAPs.)

NASA, civilian astronomers and other scientists are increasingly concerned about the possibility of an Earth orbit-crossing asteroid or comet impacting the Earth. Teams at JPL and elsewhere have already detected thousands of such Earth orbit-crossing objects within our solar system. Large impacts in the past have created what is now the Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay and other geological features on the surface of the Earth. Most scientists agree that it is not a question of if, but when, such an impact will take place. Conventional scientists have discussed using nuclear weapons and other conventional means to avert such an impact. However, it is clear that UFO related USAPs possess technologies which are far more advanced and which could be brought to bear on this problem. This is especially true of gravity-altering technologies which could be used to change the mass effect of such an object and move it off of an Earth intersecting course. Since such an impact could potentially terminate human civilization as we know it, senior military and civilian national security leaders should have knowledge of and access to such UFO USAP related technologies. Moreover, use of such technologies in space for such a critical and beneficial purpose may be dependent on the perception by ET s that such space deployment would be only for peaceful purposes. We understand that this is not the current perception.


Disclosure of the reality of the UFO/ETI subject and associated technologies would certainly alter many aspects of life on Earth, including geopolitical relations, technology, economics and the general social order. Military and national security leaders unaware of the subject cannot adequately anticipate the far-reaching implications of such a disclosure and would therefore be unprepared. Since CSETI and others are actively pursuing such a disclosure in the relatively near future, it is important that leaders understand these implications fully and are able to respond to the challenges of such a disclosure in an orderly manner. Should a sudden, undeniable extraterrestrial event occur, it is even more important that military and national security leaders be informed and are prepared to respond properly to the situation.

The energy and propulsion technologies associated with extraterrestrial spacecraft utilize the zero - point field of energy, do not rely on nuclear or internal combustion engines and are therefore non-polluting. One of the great “wild cards” facing the military and national and world security leaders is the eventual exhaustion of fossil fuels and the concomitant decay in the Earth’s ecosystem. With the rapid industrialization of China, India and much of the third world, the damage to the Earth’s ecosystem will only accelerate exponentially, even as the fuel sources are more rapidly diminished. Currently, we exist as a terminal technological civilization - a serious long term security issue indeed. However, the covert USAP responsible for UFO/ETI matters has already reversed-engineered energy and propulsion systems which render the internal combustion engine obsolete. We estimate that this breakthrough occurred between 1954 and 1957.

Ben Rich of Lockheed Skunkworks, prior to his death, confirmed to a CSETI consultant that “we already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity...”. Long term national security planning necessitates the eventual (and preferably near-term) release of these technologies for the benefit of mankind and the preservation of the planet. Certainly national security and military leaders should understand these technologies, which will replace the entire global energy and internal combustion infrastructure. Moreover, they should anticipate the implications related to the release of such technologies so that the transition to sustainable energy systems can be as smooth and peaceful as possible.

These are a few of the national security and military implications of the UFO/ETI subject - any one of which justifies a full briefing to leadership on the subject.


We recommend senior military and national security leaders take the following actions:

  • Receive a thorough briefing on the subject by CSETI leadership and military/civilian witnesses
  • Fully brief CINCS, and develop special ROEs for ETI/UFO encounters.
  • Independently investigate the subject and penetrate USAP operations related to the subject.
  • Become fully involved in covert projects related to the subject to ensure that such projects are adequately supervised and are under the direct and continuous control of the constitutional chain of command
  • Correct and/or restrain any USAPs’ covert misuse of advanced technologies or weapon systems related to UFO.
  • Attempt peaceful, cooperative engagement of these life forms and assiduously avoid violent military engagement. CSETI has a prototype project which was been peacefully engaging ETI for over 7 years and suggests that national and international leaders adopt a similar approach.
  • Carefully consider the deployment of space-based military assets in light of the above information and avoid actions which may be viewed as bellicose or hostile by extraterrestrial life forms.

22 August 1998
Steven M. Greer, M.D.,
Director of CSETI


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