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During the April 2000 training in Joshua Tree [near Palm Springs, California], CSETI member Charlie Balogh received a very strong impression of the CSETI logo during one of his morning meditations. It was a musical and holographic vision of the logo which appeared as 3 transparent globes connected by transparent cylinders with electric blue laserlike beams of energy flowing between the globes. This recording is as close as he could get to re-creating what he heard. Each of the globes had a specific series of sounds relating to what was inside of them. In the first globe he saw soft bursts of energy with varying colors. The second globe had exquisitely intricate, crystal latticework structures inside. The crystal structures were sparkling with scintillating lights of incredibly intense colors. (What Dr. Greer has often referred to as “neutrino” lights). The third globe had many crystal wheels of various shapes and sizes, all rotating in and around each other. Exactly what each of the globes represents is up to each listener’s interpretation and level of experience.

Since the sound is in motion, it’s helpful to listen using headphones. As the logo rotates, you’ll hear each globe as it passes in front of you from left to right. The powerful, solid chords represent the cylinders connecting the globes. As you listen, visualize the logo as a three dimensional object, slowly rotating counter-clockwise in front of you.

Interesting Photos from Trainings

Charlottesville Virginia 2006

Joshua Tree National Park

Mt. Blanca (near Crestone, Colorado)

Photographs from Mt. Blanca (near Crestone, Colorado) on Wednesday, June 28, 2001, of cloud formation in the shape of the CSETI Logo. Thanks to Johannes, from New Zealand.

UK in July, 2000

Photograph of Energy Vortex in the middle of a crop circle, taken by Amica Kusaki (Japan), in a crop circle we visited in the UK in July, 2000

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Spectrum of Reality- a diagram illustrating the concepts discussed in the paper "The Crossing Point", based on presentations by Steven Greer (1 page)

Other Interesting Items

Lyrics to "Carpenter's" 1977 song: Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft . Cute song - mentions basic concepts for CTS and contact. (Note: We don't have permission to distribute, so this is for our own amusement.)

"Powers of Ten". This a great web page for visualizing the galaxies and the universe for doing CTS.

Team records 'music' from stars- Scientists have recorded the sound of three stars similar to our Sun - BBC News (October 23, 2008)

Charlie Balogh looped the samples, balanced them, added some signal processing to expand the sounds, then melded them together into a mosaic of sounds cross fading in and out with each other, and created this mp3 file: StarMusic.mp3

The track is about 9:45 long. The first sound you'll hear is the sun. It sounds just like a big singing bowl with a specific musical interval of a minor seventh. The next sounds fading in are the two distant stars that are medium pitched warbling sounds. The globular cluster is the real surprise. You'll hear what sounds like a bunch of trumpets playing specific notes, but a bit out of tune. One sounds like a trombone sliding down in pitch. Absolutely amazing. While it isn't necessarily representative of the primal tone, it's a real time example of the uniqueness of each body and its specific sound.