Independent Photographic Analysis

Original ET Photo

Timothy O'Leary: Timothy is a 30 years Professional Photographer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology, and an Associates of Science in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Raven Nabulsi (person who took the photograph) wrote this report of his analysis:

  • Since the chairs and bush in the photo were crisp images, there is no way that the camera was moving and it eliminates the possibility that I [Raven] was unconsciously moving the camera around during the time exposure and drawing in other images. When a timed exposure occurs, if the camera is moving around there is a trailing effect and the camera will capture and take in all the data during the exposure and images can get superimposed over one another. The key is that the image is in focus. He said that the light coming up from beneath the ET is a transmitted light, separate from the orb of light illuminating the chairs and it would have had to be fairly bright to be causing the kind of illumination that it did. He clearly saw anatomical features that did not look like tree branches, or anything he could discount.

  • The bottom line was he was not able to file this one away as a normal phenomenon. It was definitely anomalous in his point of view. And since I was looking through the viewfinder while taking the picture and I did not see any light source, his belief was that the CCD in the camera picked up spectra that was not visible to the naked eye.


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