CSETI Expedition Yields First Ever Photograph of an Extraterrestrial - THE PHOTOGRAPHS

The shot was taken at Joshua Tree National Park in California, November 17, 2009, during a CSETI contact event overseen by Dr. Steven Greer.

This photograph offers extraordinary evidence of interstellar, transdimensional technology, and the efficacy of CSETI contact protocols.

NOTE: These photos look much clearer when viewed on a High Definition computer screen or a High Definition TV screen.


Note: Please click on the photo or link to see the high resolution pictures.

Original High Resolution Photo of Extraterrestrial Being

Original High Resolution ET Photo

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You will note that the ET is suspended in a cone of light which is originating from a small orb to the left of the bush. This is precisely the orb that we had seen that followed us up the path, and is in the location where the ET voices were heard just before the photo was taken.

The ET appears to be a male, wearing a type of vision augmenting goggles, with a very large head with an indented area demarked by ridges in the forehead. The hairline, ears, eyes, mouth and chin are clearly visible. Both arms can be discerned, as well as a torso and both legs, with boots on the feet. He is hovering a foot or two above the chairs that make up our contact circle, and is just east-southeast of the circle. His size is estimated at 3-5 feet in height. Note that he is leaning forward, with his torso and head twisted to look directly at the camera. His right leg is bent behind him.

ET Photo with Insert

Insert of Enlarged Being

Cutout of ET Being in Photo

Light Simulation

NOTE: This photo was taken to compare the beam of a standard flashlight illuminating the same chairs that appeared in the original ET photo with the light from the ET source that illuminated the chairs and ET being in the original photo. You can see that the ET light source was much brighter.

ET with Measurements

Location of ET

The camera was around the same place as in this picture when the ET was photographed, but lower and a little to the left, so that the tree on the right was not in the night time picture.

Field Site Sunset Photo


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